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We are pleased to share this initial report following ESC Congress 2020 – The Digital Experience. The challenge we are all facing in this global pandemic is how to reach out to our community differently and leverage the opportunities it presents. 

This ESC Congress increased its reach three-fold and generated an unprecedented response from the global cardiology community. A very positive outcome was that we reached a larger number of female and young cardiovascular professionals than in previous years and saw a huge connection from countries in Latin America. We hope that these key learnings will prove useful in the planning of your own online congresses. Access the slides for an overview of this extraordinary moment in the ESC’s history. 

Finally, to finish on a down to earth note, please ensure that you send your declaration of paying members by the end of the month. If you have any queries on this process, please contact the NCS Team. Thank you for your cooperation.

With best wishes,

ESC Vice Presidents 

Francesco Cosentino

Silvia Priori

Petar Seferović

Priority News

Call for joint sessions
When you send us the dates for your national congresses (online, hybrid or onsite), please remember to add your requests for joint sessions.
The ESC remains fully committed to supporting your scientific programme and the successful dissemination and application of the ESC Clinical Practice Guidelines in your country. If you want to organise a joint session with the ESC during your annual congress, please email the NCS Team.

ESC News

CardioScape: CVD research funding in Europe just became clearer

CardioScape is a new online database that provides a reliable, comprehensive overview of CVD funding throughout Europe. It is designed to create synergies between researchers, scientific organisations and funding agencies, reduce duplication of efforts and identify priorities and gaps. Access CardioScape and discover how to search by project, research type or funding source.


EMA Workshop: Draft guideline for registry-based studies


On 19 October, the ESC took part in the European Medicines Agency (EMA) workshop to review the draft guideline for registry-based studies. The guideline provides recommendations on the methodology used to generate scientific evidence related to medicinal products in Europe. 
This is the first time the EMA will regulate registries and the ESC’s participation is critical to ensure the cardiology community’s perspective is considered. Read

EU consultation on new EU pharmaceutical strategy


The ESC community contributed to the EU’s consultation on the new EU pharmaceutical strategy that will be published at the end of the year. We highlighted that, despite the huge burden of cardiovascular disease, research and innovation in the field are lagging. The ESC called for the new strategy to improve the regulatory framework for clinical trials and reward innovation in areas of critical unmet medical needs. Read

ESC Board Committee for Young Cardiovascular Professionals


Discover the members of the ESC Board Committee for Young Cardiovascular Professionals (2020-2022). The role of this new committee is to support the ESC mission by guiding and developing activities and products for young cardiovascular professionals. Find out more.

Reviewing treatment of patients with left main coronary artery stenosis


The ESC and the European Association for Cardiothoracic Surgery will be reviewing their joint guidelines. Find out more.

EuroHeart: call for heart failure specialists


EuroHeart will report on standards of care in different countries, based on analyses of datasets originating from identical analyses in the individual countries. 
Datasets for ACS and PCI are now being finalised and the EuroHeart team is looking for heart failure experts to contribute to the HF implementation.
Please contact the EuroHeart team for further information.

EACVI announces online congress

EACVI President, Thor Edvardsen, announced this week that EACVI 2020 – the association’s congress set to take place in Barcelona this December – will be replaced by an online format. EACVI – Best of Imaging 2020, will be free to attend and will include an all new multi-modality, patient-centred track. Find out more.

Call for joint sessions with EHRA for 2021


EHRA is eager to organise joint sessions with EP National Cardiac Societies, associations, or working groups throughout the year. If you wish to collaborate with EHRA in 2021, please apply by 30 October.

For your member newsletters

ESC Congress 2020 resources  

Watch these popular Hot Lines on ESC 365 – the online cardiovascular library and share in your newsletters.
•    BRACE CORONA – First randomised trial of common heart drugs in COVID-19 patients
•    DAPA-CKD trial
•    EMPEROR-Reduced trial

ESC Guidelines 2020 – new material  

Essential messages and slidesets are now available to download for AFIB, NSTE-ACS, Sports Cardiology and ACHD.
These easy to use reference documents are an indispensable part of a healthcare professional’s daily practice.

Online certification in four sub-specialties
In November and December, certification exams arranged by EHRA, HFA, EAPCI and EACVI will be held online. This is a superb opportunity for your members to get their level of expertise recognised. Find out more.

National Cardiac Society News

Congratulations to the newly elected National Cardiac Society Presidents:
  • Professor Felix C. Tanner, Swiss Society of Cardiology 
  • Professor Bogdan Popescu, Romanian Society of Cardiology 
  • Professor Bengt Johansson, Swedish Society of Cardiology 


Upcoming Events
  • 22-24 October: 41st Annual Congress of the Hellenic Society of Cardiology – Athens – hybrid congress
  • 23-24 October: Annual Congress of the Slovenian Society of Cardiology – digital congress (new dates)
  • 29-31 October: National Congress of the Spanish Society of Cardiology – digital congress
  • 1-3 November: Annual Congress of the Austrian Society of Cardiology – Salzburg (new dates)
  • 5-7 November: 40th National Congress of the Tunisian Society of Cardiology and Cardio-Vascular Surgery joint to the 23rd Maghrebin Congress of Cardiology – digital congress
  • 5-6 November: Autumn Congress 2020 of the Netherlands Society of Cardiology – digital congress
  • 6-8 November: Annual Congress of the Portuguese Society of Cardiology – digital congress (new dates)
  • 11-14 November:  Annual Congress of the Hungarian Society of Cardiology – hybrid congress (new dates)
  • 16-18 November: Annual Autumn Meeting of the Finnish Cardiac Society – digital congress
  • 17-18 November: Cardiology Updates 2020 with the Egyptian Society of Cardiology – digital meeting
Upcoming Deadlines
  • 30 October: call for joint sessions with EHRA
  • 31 October: send your paying members list