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That’s why we’ve just made these six presentations - covering innovation, clinical cardiology, population sciences, interventional cardiology, nurse-led research, and basic science - open access on ESC 365!

The renowned ‘ESC Named Lectures’ are a highlight at ESC Congress each year, delivered by some of the leading minds in cardiology today. They share their extraordinary professional journey, marked by ground-breaking science and steadfast dedication.

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Prof. Javier Escaned (Spain)

Rethinking interventional cardiology in stable ischaemic heart disease

How do you ensure properly indicated and high-quality revascularisation? Prof. Escaned emphasises the importance of PCI as a pivotal tool, as the complexity in patient profiles increases.



Prof. Christian Weber (Germany)

Novel mechanisms and therapeutic targets in atherosclerosis

What is the best way to treat atherosclerosis? Prof. Weber explores targeting CD40-induced TRAF6, among other therapies, in reducing established atherosclerosis.



Prof. Philip Moons (Belgium) 

Nurse-led research in congenital heart disease: from Cinderella to princess

Nurses play a key role in the care of congenital heart disease, providing a much-needed inter-disciplinary and multi-professional approach. Prof. Moons reveals how he joined colleagues in developing a research agenda on this topic.



Prof. Carolyn Sp Lam (Singapore)

Heart failure with preserved ejection fraction: past, present, future

How did we get from diastolic heart failure to HFpEF? In her lively presentation, Prof. Lam recounts HFpEF’s rollercoaster journey; how we got here, what we’ve learned not to do and where we are heading.


Prof. Heribert Schunkert (Germany)

Genetics of coronary disease in translation

How has gene mapping helped us to understand more about the genetics of coronary disease? Prof. Schunkert takes a closer look at a metanalysis uncovering the genetic predisposition involved with the risk of CAD.



Prof. Stefan Neubauer (United Kingdom)

Cardiovascular imaging for the 21st century – MRI and CT

How has cardiac imaging evolved into what it is today? Prof. Neubauer brings us up to speed – from the early days of imaging to advances in MRI and CT, which support precision medicine for the individual rather than a ‘disease label’.

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