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Your Continued Professional Development – Myocarditis

In the last few years, COVID-19 has emerged as an important aetiology of myocarditis, from both direct infection and immune reactions. It has also been connected to a reaction to specific SARS-CoV-2 vaccines. 

This makes it an especially timely subject for this Topic of the Month.

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Myocarditis is an inflammatory cardiomyopathy with many different etiologies, including infectious and post-infectious, drug induced, autoimmune diseases.

Why take your knowledge further?
Myocarditis has many implications for acute and chronic treatment. It may complicate pump failure and severe heart failure. In addition, life-threatening arrhythmias are one of the potential serious outcomes from this condition. 

Diagnosing myocarditis has gained a lot of solid ground recently, with cardiac MRI taking centre stage in diagnosis, risk stratification and prognostic assessment. Explore and learn more about this topic now.


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Prof. Ronen Beeri Prof. Philipp Sommer Dr. Micaela Ebert

Hadassah-Hebrew University
Medical Center,
Jerusalem (Israel)


Heart and Diabetes Center
Bad Oeynhausen (Germany)

Heart Center - University
Hospital Dresden,
Dresden (Germany




Prof. Carsten Tschoepe Prof. Gheorghe Andrei Dan Dr. Anna Baritussio
Berlin Brandenburg Center for 
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Berlin (Germany)
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Bucharest (Romania)

University of Padova,
Padua (Italy)


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